Senin, 05 Oktober 2015

Hanging Pot Plants for Home Narrow

Have you ever thought to have a house filled with plants? Almost everyone would want to have a house with the concept, but in fact not all homes have enough pages to plant crops. Though ideally every home should have a green plants make it look cool and beautiful.

In addition, the plant is also useful to regulate the air circulation in the house. For those of you who have a narrow home pages do not need to worry. There are several ways to make that narrow page can be planted plants. One way is to create a hanging pot plants. Here dungsi and use potted plants hanging is good and right.

1. It has a striking beauty. Usually the house has walls that was dull, with plants hanging pots will help you to make your house look beautiful wall back. Sleian it, you can also make a potted plant hanging in the ceiling of the house.

2. Choosing the right plants. To create a hanging pot plants, you are advised to choose plants that fit. You can buy into a vendor relationship and plants. Choose potted plants that have root fibers and resistant to sunlight.

3. Type pots and hangers. Commonly used to make the pot plants hanging pots are made of plastic, clay, and split bamboo. You are advised to choose a plastic pot because it is lighter. Additionally, you can choose to use a hanger wire, or rope fibers strong.

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