Senin, 28 September 2015

Differences Manager and Leader

In every company must have a manager and leader. But Have you ever wondered about the difference between a manager and a leader? Here we will review these differences.

1. Manager mengandalakan controls and leaders build trust

In this case the manager set of administrative tasks while leaders provide direction, inovaasi, and inspire. They mengandalakan yan gtelah built trust among the team members, then motivating in order to increase the productivity. This is in contrast with the manager who prefers control and regulate the system.

2. Managers become functioning of the organization and leaders to build a shared vision

In every company definitely needs a manager who brtuhas to meet its targets. While the leaders tasked with providing motivation and inspiration to employees. Leader to build a common vision for the future of the company. And the manager control tasks according to SOP and keep the system running properly made.

3. The manager set up the system and leaders lead people

Supervise and lead employees to work is an important part of a company. Usually, the professionals do not want to be treated with the machine. Most of them want to collaborate and innovate. For people born in the time span 1980-1995, tech companies like Google and Microsoft are the right choice. The company requires employees to innovative and able to develop yourself and your career.

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