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Healthy Food for Children 1 Year

The food is to cope with the needs that must be met in every day. This is because food is a source of energy and nutrients for humans in order to carry out daily activities. for the children themselves, the food is a determinant of growth and development of the child. If you have good quality food, of course development and pertumhan children to be good. food must also be tailored to the age, because a child who is under five can not digest food properly. Here is a healthy food for children 1 year that you can try.

The first is a green vegetable. Vegetables are foods rich in vitamins and vitamin-rich foods certainly be able to meet the nutritional needs of children. Green vegetables have pernanan that can prevent a variety of diseases. This is because in these vegetables rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Bua avocado
In addition to vegetables, fruits are also good for the growth and development of children. Avocado contain good fats that are good for maintaining the health of children. In addition to healthy, this fruit also tastes good.

Besides fruits and vegetables, healthy food for children 1 year old the other is meat. Some meats are suitable for children 1 year is chicken and turkey. Meat useful as nutritional balance so that the development and growth of children remains good.

Such reviews regarding healthy food for children 1 year.

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