Senin, 21 September 2015

Old buildings are still Functioning in Jakarta

Jakarta has many buildings relic Netherlands. The building is a cultural heritage that is protected by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Department of the Provincial Government of Jakarta.

The existence of buildings of historic buildings that remind us of Indonesia in antiquity. Most of the historic building was used as a tourist attraction by the people of Jakarta. In addition, there is also a historic building that still functions today.

The first building is still berfunsi New Market. This building is located on the street KH. Samanhoedi Sawah Besar. New Market built since 1820 are scenic landscapes. It is said that Dutch officials at that time were often shopping at this place. Since it was built, a new market is a shopping center textiles until now.

The second is the Gedung Pancasila. Pancasila building located in the park Pejambon No. 6. Gambir, Central Jakarta. Now this historic building into a building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia. Beginning of Gedung Pancasila is the name given on the date of June 1, 1945 Ir Soekarno speech in this place under the title The Birth of Pancasila.

And the last is the Protestant Church Immanuel. The church is located at the Merdeka Timur No. 14 Gambir, Central Jakarta. This building has been functioning since 1834 during the reign of King Wilem I. Immanuel Church is also still serves today and is the oldest church in Jakarta.

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