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Dressing Tips For Men Seen High

Have an ideal body is a dream bgai man. This can give rise to confidence. Men who have the ideal body is usually because he frequently exercise and a healthy lifestyle. However, you need to know in addition to both of these men have a body that idela also because of the way berpakainnya. How to dress men will terlhat higher body if wear appropriate clothing.

Here are tips to make him look tall dress

1. Avoid dark clothing. Menngunakan black outfit from top to bottom it will make you look smaller. Avoid these clothes if you want your body looks high. You are advised to use the boss is gray or blue colors more attractive.

2. Tie slim. To look taller, men are advised to use your tie is not too wide.

3. Use short shirt. Short shirt here is the size of a shirt that the bottom is not too long. Long shirt that will actually make you look wearing a shirt with the wrong size.

4. Use pants that fit. Many men yng like pants with bottom wavy or slightly longer. But for those of you who want to look high, avoid pants this model. You just wear pants that fit with your feet.

5. Avoid vest. Vests will attract people to see your midsection. This is certainly arouses tuuh you look fuller and shorter.

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